New rules of marketing engagement: On-demand & delivery


During this time of Evolving Normal, brands are navigating their businesses and consumer behavior differently… because they must. The rules and methodologies marketers have followed for decades are gone for one simple reason: they don’t apply to these times of uncertainty. Customers are engaging with on-demand and delivery apps in new ways, driving on-demand enterprises to adjust their product offering and services for 2020 and beyond.

Join me as I present the New Rules of Marketing Engagement: On-Demand & Delivery, part five of an 8-part live video series featuring today’s leading business and marketing decision-makers. Learn more from leaders in the on-demand and delivery space as they navigate their industry landscape amid a time when #stayathome is encouraged.

on demand delivery speakers


During New Rules of Marketing Engagement: On-Demand & Delivery we will cover:

  • Navigating the ups and downs of on-demand and delivery businesses
  • Three keys to positioning for success in a COVID-19 world
  • Top brand and messaging tip when a part of your business is shut down
  • How to build retention into your business for now … and the future

Panelists include:

  • Christian Eckhardt
    CEO & Co-Founder of Customlytics
  • David Llewellyn
    Marketing Director, EMEA, AppsFlyer
  • You? We need a stellar woman or two in on-demand services!

Join me in this live chat with marketing leaders …