New rules of marketing engagement: Retail


COVID-19 transformed how we live.

During the times of social distancing, people are using mobile apps and services more than ever before. While there has been a measurable rise in online shopping for groceries and essentials, recent reports show a drop in other retail purchases. How can marketers effectively and efficiently work to retain current users and attract new ones during a time when the rules of traditional marketing don’t apply?

Join me as I present the New Rules of Marketing Engagement: Retail, part six of an 8-part live video series featuring today’s leading business and marketing decision-makers. Learn directly from online retail leaders as they shift their marketing approaches during a time when #stayathome is encouraged.


During the webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Three critical changes to make now to adapt to our new e-commerce realities
  • How to take advantage of the current historic retail opportunity
  • What you can do to win market share today
  • Two ways to ensure today’s growth becomes long-term growth

Panelists include:

  • Boris Manhart
    CEO, CodeCheck
  • George Sullivan
    CEO and Founder, The Sole Supplier
  • YOU?
    We need two great women to join this panel still!

Join me in this live chat with marketing leaders …