(Good) books on my bookshelf recently

I have been seriously remiss in writing up some mini reviews of what I’ve been reading lately, and this article will not address the issue satisfactorily.

However, in the limited time I have …. here’s the list.

In the Shadow of Silence, Gertrud Mackprang Baer
This is a great book by a German woman who explores what it means to be German after the Nazis. Very interesting insider-type autobiography.

Gilgamesh the King, Robert Silverberg
This is a re-read. I cannot believe how he entered into the reality of that time and that age. Is the tale true to life? Who knows – but it’s great to read.

The Destruction of the Bismark, David Berguson and Holger Herwig
A very interesting telling of the story of the ship that terrified the world, blasted what many thought was the world’s most powerful warship out of the water, and sank on its maiden voyage.