Mobile ad monetization: 25 questions answered

Just a few weeks ago Singular assembled a dream team of mobile experts to talk about mobile ad monetization. We spent an hour dredging their brains for insight but utterly failed to find the bottom. (In other words, we ran out of time.)

You can check that out right here.

That dream team, by the way, includes Mary Kim from GameHive, Mark Allen from Neonplay, Noam Yasour from MoPub, Ido Naim from Voodoo, and Lisi Gardiner from Singular. Between them, there are literally billions of app installs and probably trillions of ad impressions.

But there were more questions that we couldn’t get to on the webinar. Now we’re going to try to answer them. (By we, I mean Singular’s own Lisi Gardiner, plus yours truly.)

Get all the questions (and the answers) in my post on Singular’s blog …