Apple Watch StrapGate Is Not Over. You Still Need To Return Your Entire Watch In Some Cases

“StrapGate” isn’t over.

Apple still isn’t letting you return just the strap for your Apple Watch, or at least is doing so inconsistently. The result is that Apple customers could be without their watch for a week or longer, just because a strap failed.

Immediately after launching the Series 6, Apple had a problem.

People who bought the new fitted Solo Loop or Braided Solo Loop strap in the wrong size were being forced to return the entire purchase: Apple Watch and Apple Watch strap in order to … just … get … a … new … strap. It was like having to return a new car due to getting the wrong tires, and Apple quickly fixed the situation, allowing customers to just swap a band without returning the entire purchase.

But not for everyone, and not consistently.

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