MediaTemple GridServer is buggy

[ update Nov. 22 12:05 ] Now my site was down for a minute or two. Odd and annoying!

A month or so ago I moved my server from a shared-hosting account at MediaTemple to their new grid server platform. Unfortunately, it’s buggy.

Here’s my buddy Rastin’s site, about 2 minutes ago:


I’ve never had so many interruptions, database connection issues, and other niggling little problems like completely flat-out missing stats. The problem is that when the grid hiccups, it’s not just one site that goes down … it’s all of them.

So when you see Rastin’s site down, mine is too.

The one good thing is that the sites never seem to go down for long. They’re always down for just a minute or two … which is interesting when you put in a Support request and they say there’s no problem.

MediaTemple needs to address this quickly. They have a reputation for excellent technology and service – a lot of high-profile sites and bloggers use MediaTemple.

Dropping off the grid for random minutes on a daily basis will not enhance that reputation.

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Also see Ellis Web – similar experiences.

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  • […] The thing that clinched the decision in the end is MediaTemple’s new GridServer (gs) hosting package. This is a revolutionary hosting setup (which everyone will have to do in a few years in order to stay in business). Your sites are no longer tied down to specific hardware, that comes with its own limitations. Instead your sites are hosted by clusters of servers, that can scale instantly to handle large spikes in traffic (ie: if you are dugg, slashdotted and redd at the same time, your shared hosting plan might not be able to handle it, while (gs) will theoretically not even notice). As all of my previous hosting woes have been caused by faulty equipment (and bad service), and since (gs) seems to have solved the problems that come with having your site tied to one specific piece of equipment, in the end I went with MediaTemple (gs). (And although there have been some reported problems with the service, I have not experienced anything but very fast loadtime and well-designed control panels since I have started migrating my sites over). Posted by Yaakov Ellis on November 23, 2006 at 20:17 in Tools, Web, Reviews Trackback | Leave a comment […]

  • You are not only one who has all these problems on mediatemple (gs) servers. I have 4 domains with them and for the past month all of them are bugy. I decide that mediatemple is worst hosting provider of the month. Well I am not going to wait until they going to get a title worse of the year so I am moving from them to who knows what is a hosting provider.

    Nice and fast customer service is not everything. If I have to call 50 times this month and write each day ticket that my site is down, ftp or email is not working or my e-commerce database are not responding. This is just nightmare and not a hosting provider. (SS) was stable and good I was happy but now they don’t even let me get back to the old nice days. So I am moving out because I am not a rabbit where they can run a BETA product versions. I had anought of mediatemple.

  • Media Temple use to be a great hosting company; ever since they have switched to the Grid Servers the quality of service has gone down big time. Although in my case they quickly addressed the problem. Seems like they have problem getting the new server Architecture working. Tisk, Tisk!

    My new company website will be launched soon, and I hope Media Temple is going to behave or I’ll be switching to a different company.

  • […] So I decided to finally do the Gridserver upgrade thingy on my Media Temple hosting plan. What a disaster. FTP seriously troubled, which means I cannot upload images (!) – hence the missing header image. Apparently there is more people experiencing trouble with Media Temple Gridserver. […]