MediaTemple GridServer is a disaster

I moved to MediaTemple a few months ago on the promise of great service and an upcoming grid server product that was supposed to blow everything else out of the water.

Instead, it just blows.

It’s had multiple outages, some ephemeral, some lasting for significant fractions of an hour – like today’s. See also this almost comical account: we found a bug. Another bug! Yet another bug!

Now my control panel is down for “maintenance:”


Even now, this afternoon (4:20 PST), access to my blog, email, associated sites, and services is intermittent and slow. Not impressive. Not impressive at all.

I feel for the techs behind the service – I’ve been there, in that nasty, awful place where things just keep horribly going wrong. But the bottom line is: it needs to work, and it needs to work now.

MT better fix this soon or there will soon be many recent ex-MT clients.

. . .
. . .

Perhaps only a language geek like me appreciates it, but I love the idiocy of the error message above.

First of all, is there an actual error, or is maintenance being conducted? We all know the answer, but the error message is attempting to suggest the opposite. Secondly, is the control panel unavailable for use due to maintenance … or unavailable to be maintained? Again, the answer is obvious, but the wording is ridiculous.

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