5 things CISOs can do to actually sleep at night

Last year I brought on a client in an entirely new space for me: cybersecurity. I’m pretty well-versed in technology, but I had to very quickly engage my superpower (which is the ability to learn fast) to get up to speed on SIEM and attack vectors and MDR and SASE and zero trust and XDR and a million other acronyms.

(Jargon is very helpful for people inside a space, and very unhelpful for people outside of it!)

In any case, we kicked off a report and I’ve started doing some interviews. Here’s a recent one with the vice president of managed detection and response for Open Systems, Dave Martin.

From the post:

It’s a tough, unforgiving threat environment out there. Organized, smart, and dedicated black hats are continuously scheming how they can penetrate your network, steal critical data, and shut your operations down until you deliver a ransom.

We hear about new victims every day.

And we know there are many more companies that settle quietly or suffer through a long, extended purge and restart, never making the news.

So how does a chief information security officer sleep at night?

Get the full post … and the five things CISOs can do to sleep at night, in my post at Open Systems’ blog.