McKinsey: What Matters: Will people pay for content online?

Clay Shirky on will people pay for content:

People will pay for content if it is necessary, irreplaceable, and unshareable. Businesses excited about the first five words of that sentence don’t understand how constraining the next seven are.

via McKinsey: What Matters: Will people pay for content online?.


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  • Hi John,
    I am currently a little ticked off at the ads that are appearing on TV about the cable companies not paying the TV stations for content. (Stay with me here, I have a point to make).
    I pay the cable companies to bring the content to my TV. The ADVERTISERS pay the TV stations. Why should the medium for carriage pay the content providers? Does the phone company pay me because I provide content when I call my kids? Does the internet provider owe me cash because my little blog might get some traffic? Uh, no.
    I pay my internet provider to bring me the content, I then expect to see some advertising on the websites to pay for the content. I’m not going to fork over for content.
    I wrote a little rant about it at the aforementioned blog.