Making SKAdNetwork performant without fingerprinting (and getting 80% accurate pLTV)

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Most mobile growth pros have adapted to Apple’s new privacy-safe iOS 14.5 and iOS 15 by switching from tracking users by IDFA (now hard to get and rare) to tracking users by device fingerprinting (technically against Apple’s rules but not currently being enforced).

But can you make iOS mobile user acquisition performant using Apple’s provided SKAdNetwork framework?

Apparently yes.

From my post on Singular’s blog:

According to Singular CTO Eran Friedman, you can actually make SKAN performant, and the top mobile marketers at major brands are doing exactly that today. And while — let’s be honest — it’s tough to approach the IDFA-powered levels of marketing measurement mobile marketers enjoyed in iOS 13 and earlier … you can get 80% accurate predictive lifetime value, and smart marketers are learning the ropes on SKAdNetwork now.

That’s important because those who aren’t jumping on the SKAN bandwagon now run the risk of cratering their performance in a few months when iOS 15 or 15.3 or 15.6 destroys marketers’ ability to get accurate fingerprinting-based marketing measurement.

“It’s not that easy for sure.

I think most of the industry today is struggling with SKAN trying to make it work.”

– Eran Friedman, CTO, Singular

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