Major iOS 15 attribution news: Advertiser access to SKAdNetwork postbacks, App Privacy Report, and more from WWDC

mobile privacy ios 15 skadnetwork postbacks

WWDC is here, but where are my new M2-powered MacBook Pros? Nowhere to be found 🙁

There is, however a significant amount of other news … including on the privacy front that Apple has picked as a competitive differentiator between iOS and Android. And in fact between Apple and the rest of big tech.

I hit the high points today for my client Singular. An excerpt from the post:

One thing that always seemed odd to me about SKAdNetwork: postbacks were only sent to ad networks, which would then have to find a way to get it to advertisers. Most are reputable, and many use 307 temporary redirects to get the postbacks immediately to Singular as independent third-party verification and aggregation … but it still seemed weird.

Why not send postbacks to advertisers, who can then check their media sources’ homework?

Starting in iOS 15, that’s exactly what Apple’s doing.

“Starting in iOS 15, devices can send a copy of the winning install-validation postback to the developer of the advertised app,” Apple says. “Developers opt-in to receive the postback by specifying a server endpoint in their app’s Info.plist.”

Get the full story in my post on Singular’s blog …