iOS 14.5 by the numbers: adoption, ATT permission, ad spend trends, install volume impact on Android vs iOS


I just published another massive data dump on what iOS 14.5 is doing to ad spend, to install rates on iOS versus Android, to App Tracking Transparency acceptance rates, and more.

(Plus of course, how fast people are adopting iOS 14.5 and 14.6.)

From the post at my client Singular’s blog …

In February of 2021, iOS installs were 23-25% of all app installs Singular measured (prior data was a representative sample: this data is on all installs). Allowing for a slight reversion to near those numbers in early March, that percentage has slowly decreased to 21.9%.

Android’s concurrent rise, of course, has been from 74.6% to 78.1%.

It’s not a huge change, but it’s definitely significant. And it’s on a measured volume of installs in the billions, across the entire planet, so it’s unlikely to be a purely local phenomenon or glitch in the data. If this stabilizes or continues, it has impacts for where marketers focus their efforts, at least in traditional app install channels. As mentioned previously, with traditional digital user acquisition channels losing some degree of measurability, marketers may be looking to older (or newer) channels for at least some of their iOS growth.

Get the full story in Singular’s blog …