Apple wants 30% of virtually everything, creator platform Fanhouse finds out

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Apple vs Epic has yet to be settled by a judge, even though the case is over. But the battle over revenue made in-app is with millions of apps and app developers.

The latest to be caught in the middle? Fanhouse.

It’s a creator monetization app that lets influencers and fans connect … for a price. And Apple, like the mob, wants a cut.

From my story on Forbes:

Fresh from its still-not-settled lawsuit with the billion-dollar gaming conglomerate Epic, Apple is taking on tiny creator economy startup Fanhouse. Fanhouse — which is basically OnlyFans minus the nudity, according to The Verge — helps influencers make a few bucks by connecting with their fans. According to co-founder Jasmine Rice, we’re not talking millions of dollars: it’s rent money, meal money, medical expenses money.

But much of that revenue gets processed via their iPhone app, and Apple wants its 30% cut.

Unfortunately, since Fanhouse pays creators 90% of what their fans contribute and keeps only 10%, a 30% cut would come straight from individuals.

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