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  • Have you listened to Jadon Lavik’s “Praise You” on his “art and Soul” album, also his “The Road Acoustic” I got a chance to go to one of his Worship concerts in Washington – the “A Christmas Together” Tour – they were collecting food for various food banks. “Bring a can of food – get in free.” I followed the whole tour on the web, it was great.

  • 2/14/2012
    We’re catching a break here in N. Idaho – Jadon is coming back Feb 19, 20 and I think 21 but check his FB page for details. He’s leading Worship in Yakima WA Feb 19 at the Westside Church, and I believe they will be web casting the service – so you can listen if you’re around. I’m hoping they post a pod cast because I have to help with a class at my local church that morning. And then the 20th he’s back in Spokane to lead Worship at Moody Bible College “Founders Day.” You can also listen to him live on Moody Bible Radio (http://www.moodyradionorthwest.fm/) I don’t know what time – you’d have to check the web site. Love his live radio spots, something unexpected always happens.