Is Google's party over, or is it just starting?

Fortune Magazine’s Michael Copeland thinks that the “search party” that Google’s been riding for 12 years is over. Google’s growth rates in revenue and profit are slowing, and its relevance in a mobile/social world is diminishing.

And Page, Brin, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt simply haven’t articulated a vision for Google’s future. “That is what is scaring investors,” says Sameet Sinha, a senior analyst with JMP Securities in San Francisco. “There is no clear path toward what Google is doing, or wants to do.”

via Google: The search party is over – Fortune Tech.

I wonder if this is true. In fact, I don’t really think it is.

Google’s mission for a LONG time has been to organize the world’s information, to make it accessible, searchable, and usable. Seen in this context, web search, video hosting, mobile devices, email, you name it … it all fits.

The bet that Google is making is that in a world where all data is accessible, it can make money by helping people find that data. And so (almost) everything it does is focused on finding/searching/sorting/organizing/distributing and if need be digitizing information.

It’s a brave journalist who’s going to bet against Google’s ability to do this better than anyone else in the world.

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