Is Akismet down?

I’m getting a wack-load of comment spam today. Hopefully none is slipping through to the site because i moderate, but this is annoying.

Usually the Akismet service deletes almost all comment spam before I even see it, but today it appears to be taking a long coffee break.

The Akismet website says nothing about being down, and the spam zeitgeist is still up and claiming that 14,326,525 spams have been viciously murdered so far today … but I’m getting way more spam.

Any clues?


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  • It could be because your site isn’t connecting with Akismet, for some reason. I’ve had that happen before.

    And I can’t seem to find the numbers you’re seeing. I see 2,392,829 in the stuff at the top at the time of writing this, and about 20,000,000 in the orange on the bottom. One of them just ain’t right.

  • No problem, Matt.

    Thanks for letting me know, and (more importantly) thanks for a *free* service that lets bloggers keep comments on their blogs without getting way too much spam.