No. 33 on Autoroll list

Top 100 isn’t too bad …

You might have noticed the “Autoroll” blogroll in the sidebar of this blog. It’s designed to link similar blogs automatically … blogs that discuss similar topics to bizhack will dynamically show up in my blogroll.

Criteo, the company behind Autoroll, recently released the top 100 blogs on the service, also mentioning that Autoroll is growing quickly:

AutoRoll is accelerating its expansion in the blogsphere. Compared to last April, we have seen an impressive 50% growth of AutoRoll registered bloggers in May. This means that blog affinities are improving nicely. AutoRoll is indeed getting more and more accurate to find related blogs. This means also that it’s getting increasingly difficult to join the Top 100 blogs which have installed AutoRoll!

It’s kind of nice to know that bizhack is #33 on the list of top blogs currently using Autoroll. Modesty is appropriate, however, Autoroll is nowhere near as popular as some of the other blogroll innovators, such as MyBlogLog.

However, with 50% monthly growth … who knows?

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  • AutoRoll may not be as popular as MyBlogLog at this point in time, but our dramatic increase in registered users over the last month proves that the widget is gaining traction in the blogosphere, so we are well on our way.

    Brandon Watts
    Criteo Evangelist