I will always be that person

I said good morning to two people this morning on my walk. One said nothing, one smiled and said good morning.

It’s hard sometimes to be the person who initiates, the person who reaches out, the person who connects. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you get a response, and sometimes you get a rejection.

But I’m always going to be that person.

People are in different places in their lives. Some are fearful. Some are preoccupied. Some have been hurt. Some are angry. And some might be simply negative, nasty people.

But if I can bring a second of light to someone, I will.

And sometimes magic happens and the smile is returned. And sometimes that turns into friendship. But even if not, you now have a neighbor, not just someone you pass on the road. I think there are about 20 people at my gym that I say hi to and chat briefly with.

Kindness matters. And it’s easy for people who are kind to get hurt. But that doesn’t mean you stop being kind.

Someone out there needs it.

And frankly, so do we.