How to know if the Twitter person who just followed you sucks horribly

Way too many people are joining Twitter lately. The wrong type of people – insatiable self-promoters, salesy salespeople, and multi-level marketers.

You can tell who they are, sometimes, by the fact that they follow an ungodly number of people and are followed by an equivalent number … 20K, 30K, 50K.

But that’s not always a good enough indicator. Here’s the infallible way to know:

The huge number of tweets suggests this might be an account on auto-pilot, but maybe not. The huge number of followers/followed also suggests a marketer/self-promoter, but it’s not conclusive. Some people just follow back a lot (I do myself).

The number that you really need to look at is 4.

Only 4 people have consider this uber-tweeter valuable enough to put him on a list.

In other words: he sucks. Don’t follow back … just ignore him. He’s going to unfollow you soon enough anyways.