iPad 2 unboxing

There are (probably) thousands of iPad 2 unboxing photo sets across the interwebs by now. This one is mine:

The box (with plastic wrap still on):
The box (with plastic wrap)

The box (without the plastic wrap):
The box (sans plastic wrap)

My iPad 2 sees the light of day (or, at least, of my hotel room):
Voila - le iPad

Free at last! Free at last!
It's out ... free, free at last

It’s alive!
It's starting up!

It’s on, and comes with lots of stuff … but it wants mommy NOW:
It's on but wants Mommy, bad

All growed up and synced already:
It's alive!

It even has a new cover-not-case:
With the new cover-not-case

And thus ends the saga of the unboxing of the iPad (2).