Hate facebook hate facebook hate facebook

I am so over Facebook.

Essentially, I’ve put my Facebook profile on autopilot using applications that suck in all my data from around the web. But I hardly ever go there myself.


Well, first of all, my employer blocks Facebook. While I certainly wouldn’t spend a long time there anyways during the work day, it’s annoying to get little email notifications during the day about something a friend did on Facebook, and then having to think about that later if I want to check it out.

Secondly, and much more importantly, while the application infrastructure of Facebook is amazing, it’s also fingernails-on-blackboard perky-happy-chirpy-people-on-Monday-mornings annoying.

Let me say that again: ANNOYING.

Everytime anyone does anything, Facebook feels like it needs to notify me. So-and-so is playing Scrabulous, someone else took a picture of a cup of coffee, someone else is super-poking me, and his dog is joining some stupid corporate fan club because they happen to like Tim Hortons coffee.

I love to know when someone has posted a new blog entry.

But I don’t need the minutiae of their every footstep on Facebook. There’s a massive annoyance factor in being sent some kind of message that actually isn’t a message. It’s not a real message … not a note, or email, or IM, or actual communication … but a piece of digital flotsam, tossed off randomly from some interaction with a Facebook application, sent easily and spammishly and automatably to tens or hundreds of “friends.”

timmysBut that’s not the worst part.

The worst part is that half the time, when you get this piece of digital flotsam, if you actually care to see the picture of the cup of coffee, you have to install the application that the “friend” used when adding it to Facebook. And then you have to sell your soul to the devil and allow the application to know the most intimate details of your online life.


The social utility doesn’t have any.

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  • Well put.

    When I first tried out Facebook, it was quite exciting finding some of my old friends and buddies, whom I had long lost contact with, all having moved to different continents.

    And then, about the time when MS offered those ridiculous amounts of money for something that was still in the red figures, I had the same reaction as you. Now, when I check my accountn like once a month, it is just full with gibberish. In the end I just ignore it.

    I just don`t see how it can be worth billions (billions!) of dollar.