The Sea of Juice

This is my son Ethan’s latest story … he wants it published so that people can read it.


Once upon a time there lived a boy called Ethan. He was in Grade 3A. On December 6, 2007 his choir went to ACMS and sang 4 songs: Jubilate canon, Peace on this silent night, Miuet Noel, and Good news amen.

When the choir got on the bus to go to back to the school, Ethan, James and Cohen sat together in a seat (just like they did when we were going to ACMS). When Cohen, Ethan, James and the rest of the choir got off the bus they went to their classrooms.

Grade 3A went outside while Ethan and Cohen stayed inside because Ethan got an idea. Ethan’s idea was that Ethan and Cohen take the juice boxes to the blue juice box garbage thingamijigger without the teacher telling us to. He got that idea because the juice bin was full. Cohen said okay and we started squeezing the juice out of the juice boxes and into the sink.

When they were squeezing the juice out of the juice boxes Cohen said who drinks these?! Because the juice boxes were mostly still full (they all were 3 fourths 2 thirds 1half 1quarter) or like 5 of them were totally empty except Ethan thought that 3 of those 5 had two or one sips left in them. When they were done squeezing the juice out of the juices boxes they carried the juice boxes to the blue juice box garbage thingamijigger. Then they started dumping the juice boxes into the blue juice box thingamijigger. They were almost done when the bell rang to go into school at lunch time.

They wanted to finish before the teachers on duty started coming in. But they didn’t. Instead a teacher came to them and Ethan said they were just emptying the juice box bin. After the teacher had gone Cohen and Ethan finished emptying their classroom juice box bin.

At the bottom there was a puddle of juice no a pond no a lake we’ll just call it a sea! Anyway, it was a lot of juice. And the most disgusting thing was what was in the sea of juice. The stuff that was in the juice looked like something half mushroom and half sea sponge.

And Ethan suspected that the sea of juice was started by 3A kids putting their juice boxes in the bin with juice still in them. With juice still in them slowly the juice would seep out and in about 3 weeks all the juice that came out would create a sea of juice.

Then Cohen and Ethan brought the bin back to 3A. The other kids were lined up and Grade 3A’s teacher (Miss Boyce) was there. Then Cohen and Ethan explained to Miss Boyce what had happened and about the sea of juice. Then Cohen and Ethan showed Miss Boyce the bin.

Then Miss Boyce said she was grossed out. She started cleaning the blue bin with soap and water. Meanwhile all the Grade 3A students (except Ethan and Cohen) wanted the teacher to open up the door. But Miss Boyce coudn’t open the door because she was cleaning out the gross stuff. Finally Miss Boyce finished cleaning it up and opened the door. Then Miss boyce said to Ethan and Cohen that she would talk to the rest of the class. And she did.