Growth Masterminds podcast: Eric Seufert on IDFA, GDPR, programmatic, the new duopoly, Amazon, incrementality, and everything else

Eric Seufert

Super-pumped to FINALLY launch my Growth Masterminds podcast today (OK, it’s a soft launch … we still need to propagate to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and almost everywhere else from Anchor.)

But … exciting.

About my first guest:

If you don’t know who Eric Seufert is in mobile marketing, you may need to spend some more time on LinkedIn. Or on Slack, in the MobileDevMemo slack room.

Eric Seufert worked for Skype. He was VP of user acquisition for Rovio. He was head of platform for N3TWORK, and built Agamemnon while also running Mobile Dev Memo.

Eric is also the author of Freemium Economics: Leveraging Analytics and User Segmentation to Drive Revenue. And, in his spare time — on holiday in Texas, no less — he spent an hour with talking mobile marketing, and mobile marketing challenges.

Perhaps not shockingly, Eric Seufert has strong ideas and good insight. Which is probably why you should listen to the very special and very first episode ever of Singular’s new Growth Masterminds podcast.

Get the full transcript here on Singular’s blog …