Listen: Smart Home according to Amazon: New Alexa features, voice set-up of devices, and what’s coming next

I chat with Amazon VP of smart home Daniel Rausch about:
  • what’s in HIS smart home
  • what drives consumer adoption
  • why voice is better than phones for a smart phone hub
  • the growth of the Alexa universe
  • Amazon’s new “Certified for Humans” program, which lets you set up device by voice alone
  • Alexa’s new “Did You Mean” feature
  • Making smart homes … actually smart
  • Alexa Guard, which makes your home look like you’re home … even when you’re away
  • Privacy
  • Adding Alexa to anything
  • How Amazon grades itself on its progress with Alexa and Echo

Listen here

Or, get the episode at or on Spotify, and soon wherever podcasts are distributed. You can also get the full story in my post on Forbes.