Free Nick!

I’ve started a Free Nick petition.

Please go sign it and put some pressure on Steve to drop this silly suit against Think Secret. Full text of the petition follows …

To:  Apple Computer

We, the undersigned, love Apple Computer products. We are passionate about our Macs and the wonderful, amazing user experience we enjoy every day. And we love the unconventionality and hipness of everything Apple.

However, loving our computers does not mean that we love all of Apple Computer’s actions. This is particularly true of the legal department and it’s recent actions against Nick Ciarelli.

Nick Ciarelli, also knows as Nick dePlume, runs the Think Secret website ( and provides many Mac enthusiasts with valuable news and rumors of upcoming Apple products. ThinkSecret increases our interest in Apple Computer. ThinkSecret increases our likelihood of buying Apple Computer products.

ThinkSecret is part of an unofficial network of unpaid public relations staff for Apple Computer who report on Apple, create buzz for Apple products, and indirectly market Apple Computer solutions.

This lawsuit strikes at the heart of this unofficial network, and we firmly believe that lawsuits like these are foolish for two main reasons. First is the moral or ethical argument: freedom of speech. A news agency must be allowed to publish news! Second is the practical argument: sites like Nick’s are GOOD FOR APPLE. They promote Apple, and they encourage the sale of Macs.

We hereby ask Apple to stop aiming at friends and shooting itself in the foot, and to start focusing on making great products!


The Undersigned