Skating on Mill Lake

It’s not often those of us in the lower mainland (bottom left corner of British Columbia) get to skate outdoors.

And, given the monsoon conditions we have now, it won’t happen anytime soon. But since over the previous two weeks we had a very sharp cold spell, I thought last week Saturday that Milll Lake might just be thick enough to skate on.

I was right … and I took the pictures to prove it!

For those who love to skate, nothing, and I mean nothing, is like skating outdoors for kilometer after kilometer. It’s exhilarating and energizing.

The south eastern corner of Mill Lake, one of Abbotsford’s best places for a Sunday walk …

It’s a very shallow lake, and here’s a perennial bird perch in the middle of the lake: a log that’s lodged securely on the very, very shallow bottom.

A view of the lake towards the west. Alas, night is coming on and I had to cut my unexpected pleasure short.