Free iPod with Mac: Apple Canada Needs to Join the Party

It’s been well-reported that Apple is offering a free iPod Mini with every new Mac purchased by students before September 24th.

But only in the States.

Ouch, that hurts. I’m a university student in Canada (taking a Masters program in Educational Technology) and qualify for the educational discounts. And, I’m planning to buy an iMac G5. I’d really, really like a free iPod mini with it.

So the only question is: Apple Canada, are you going to join in on this promotion?

It’s a brilliant promotion. iPods are hotter than plasma, and Apple needs to spread that halo to its computers. Joining this promotion can only help Apple Canada make some significant market share inroads … and would give me a free iPod.

Otherwise, I’ll have to seriously consider buying it in the States, and seeing how much it would cost me to bring it back to Canada.

Update (June 30)
Please see comment below – Apple Canada IS participating in this program. Excellent!


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