Steve Jobs: Valley Girl

It’s sad but true: Steve Jobs is a valley girl.

Jobs, chief executive officer of both Apple Computer and Pixar Entertainment, used the ultimate valleyism “you know” not less than 19 times in his recent podcast with ABC news (transcript).

Valley girl-ese is a well-known sub-dialect of teen girls in California’s San Fernando valley that features extensive use of the phrases “you know, “like,” and “way.”

Like, it’s a girl, you know, who totally goes to a Valley School, okay? And, like, they talk like this, okay? And, like, they’ve been stereotyped in films, okay? They’re, like, so dumb in those films!

Or, it’s like, a guy, you know, who runs like a company that makes computers, you know, and they’re really cool, okay?

Yup. Really cool.