Firefox rocks

Wow wow wow.It’s been about a year – an eternity in web terms – since I’ve seriously tried Firefox. I’ve been using Safari: it just has better aesthetics, and up till now has been significantly faster.However, I’ve just updated, and wow … Firefox launch time is a quarter what it used to be on Mac OS X.Dunno yet if it’ll be the one, but it’s going to get another long look from me.[ update ]Holy mother, the typography has improved on Firefox. Unbelievable. Poor typography – letters that looked like marching ants – was one of the reasons I could not live with Firefox (or Flock) a year or so ago.


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  • i saw this homeless person he had bad teeth and said ” please do not tell me firefox rocks” now everytime i eat salad i will be reminded of dead firefoxes, it will destroy me mentally, i will never be able to get it off my head, and i most certainly do not want to think about smashing flies into my salad with my bread then eat it

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