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Firefox: number one browser

I’ve been woefully remiss in not checking my server logs and web stats packages lately. But I found a nice surprise waiting for me when I finally did tonight …

Here’s the browser stats for Sparkplug9.com:

  • Firefox: 29.2%
  • Mozilla-compatible: 22.8%
  • Explorer: 18.3%
  • Safari: 5.5%
  • A long list of spiders, agents, and RSS readers …

Firefox number one? Obviously Sparkplug9 readers are not representative of the majority of web surfers. Still, an impressive showing.

Just for reference, W3Schools says Firefox currently has 43.7% market share.

Everyone, everywhere, wants to go offline

Just saw this article on Webware about Prism, which is technology for extending applications beyond the browser. Yes, there are times when the cloud is just not available.

Very, very cool.

We already have Google Gears, of course, and Adobe AIR (on which some amazing apps are being built), and Microsoft’s Silverlight. And I’m sure there’s many I haven’t heard of yet …

The question is: are all of these frameworks for seamless online/offline development going to survive, or will one or two take the lion’s share of the market?

Whatever happens, these are good times to be a web developer, as with a little effort you’re now able to make your application run close to desktop-quality, even when there’s no internet connection.

Firefox rocks

Wow wow wow.It’s been about a year – an eternity in web terms – since I’ve seriously tried Firefox. I’ve been using Safari: it just has better aesthetics, and up till now has been significantly faster.However, I’ve just updated, and wow … Firefox launch time is a quarter what it used to be on Mac OS X.Dunno yet if it’ll be the one, but it’s going to get another long look from me.[ update ]Holy mother, the typography has improved on Firefox. Unbelievable. Poor typography – letters that looked like marching ants – was one of the reasons I could not live with Firefox (or Flock) a year or so ago.