Email etiquette: pretend you’re paying by the word

I recently received a note from a colleague on preferred email communication with a new boss. Thought it was worth passing along – minor elements are changed to protect identities and make it flow …

The purpose of this note is to give you a heads up on written communications by email. I have found that emails with opening lines that clearly explain the purpose of our communication work best. For example:

  • the purpose of this email is to recommend … OR …
  • to provide you with an update
  • to get your approval for
  • to share an idea
  • etc, etc.

That opening line should then be followed up with either background information, tightly crafted explanation, and should conclude with a sense of next steps (if applicable).

For example:

  • if you support the recommendation, I will organize a meeting/communicate this to appropriate parties … OR …
  • once I have received your approval I will process the request/follow up with

Trusting this makes sense. Offered in the spirit of collegiality.

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