Personal Success Rules v .1

I’m trying to formulate my personal rules for success … the principles that I think will make me “successful” given what I know of my personality (strengths and weaknesses).

They’re a work in progress, obviously. And each is a guideline, not a law of the Medes and Persians.

In no particular order:

  1. Don’t eat after 8 PM
  2. Do daily devotions at 10 PM
  3. Get up no later than 7 AM
  4. Plan what I need to do
  5. Do what I planned to do
  6. Exceed expectations that are important to me
  7. Leave everyone feeling better than when we met
  8. Get serious exercise at least 2x/week
  9. Have a family fun night every Friday night
  10. Take each child for a “date” once a month
  11. Put in 1 hour of study/work every weeknight
  12. Drive like a Christian
  13. Pause before reacting in anger

More to come …