Coworking in Abbotsford, BC: now we're taking names

Calling all smart, entrepreneurial, telecommuting people in the Fraser Valley!

My partner Matt Farley and I are starting up a coworking facility in Abbotsford. And the first step is to build the community. We now have an initial site up at, and we’re asking all interested people to visit the site and fill out the form. Let us know if you’re interested in coworking.

You might have some questions …

  • What, exactly, is coworking?
  • Would coworking work for me?
  • What, exactly, would my life look like if I was coworking?
  • Can I cowork for 1 or 2 days a week while spending the other days in my downtown office?
  • How is coworking different than working at Starbucks? in my home office? at my kitchen table?
  • How much is coworking for a full week? for a couple days a week? for drop-in time?
  • If I started coworking in Abbotsford, would I have access to a boardroom?
  • Why is coworking better than the home office?
  • Is coworking going to help me network? find partners? solve problems?
  • Can I take clients into the coworking facility for meetings, or just coffee?
  • And many more …

A bunch of those are answered at our mini-site: Take a look, watch the video, check it out, think about it.

We will not spam you!
Please fill out the form so that we know you’re interested. Once we know you’re interested, we’ll connect with you, chat with you, and learn more about what you’re looking for.

That will help Matt and I design the right space for Abbotsford – for our coworking facility. For YOUR coworking facility. In fact, you’ll help design it, if you wish.

The community is the leader
In coworking, the community is everything. We’re not even settling on a name yet – we’ll all help decide that. And the location will be dependent on where people want to go, as well as what space is available.

Join us!

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