Building sites that sell

I’ve been thinking lately about marketing sites: sites that sell. I’ve built more than a few of them, and I’ve been musing about the process.

After a bit of doodling, this is what I came up with:

It starts with story, brand, imagination. The components I’ve put here are:

  • Goals
  • Vision/feel/brand/story
  • High-level strategy
  • Name
  • Claim (social space, usernames)

Then you start building something real, actual, tangible.

  • Design: UX & UI (all platforms)
  • Technical: coding
  • Content: content/social/SEO (technical and content), languages
  • Digital collateral: for sharing & partners (content, images, exclusives, links, videos)
  • Marketing tactics: earned/owned/shared/paid
  • Mobile: web, apps, SMS

You don’t build an isolated castle … you connect it to key communities. You build in links for more information. You build in hooks for marketing automation, and to the organization.

  • Social: FB, Twitter, YouTube/Vimeo, Google+, Pinterest, Flickr
  • Info/follow: email, RSS, newsletter, white papers, reports
  • Connect: site & social
  • Integrate: client channels (sales)
  • Lead automation: Hubspot or similar

Carry out
Then, having planned the work, you work the plan. The job is not done when the site/service is created … that’s when it actually starts

  • Implement plan across all properties
  • Integrate marketing automation (Hubspot)
  • Adjust as needed

This, as all things, is draft. I’m sure I’ll want to update it tomorrow … and I’m sure others have more and better ideas to add.