Climbing back up the Technorati ratings

How do you move your domain … and then get your Technorati blog rating back where it belongs?

I used to blog at That was my domain for over two years, until I realized that I was building a brand and a site that had nothing to do with me, or with my consulting business, Sparkplug 9.

Plus, I wanted to blog on a wide variety of topics. But I didn’t want to bother people who came to read an article on using iPods as e-learning tools with my a podcast with my son on his favorite games.

So I blew up my blog.

And became:

But here’s the problem. After two years of postings, my blog had cracked 5 digits at Technorati.

It wasn’t A-list material … probably not even C-list. But in the 90-something thousandth popularity spot, I was in the top .5% of blogs. And that was fairly cool … and a good base to build on.

But now I’ve moved domains. And moved my posts. And my popularity plunged … because few people have yet had a chance to link to my blogs.

Old rank:
A month after the switch, my ranking is still higher than my other blogs: 109,845, with 65 links from 25 sites.

New rank:
My new rankings are MUCH lower:

  1. bizhack is my top blog right now, at 524,889 (10 links from 5 sites)
  2. art & artifice is not far behind, at 612,109 (7 links from 4 sites)
  3. and my low-volume fish crackers is lost in the dust, at 1,197,613 (0 links from 0 sites)

Mind you, this is after a fairly intense effort to find all the people who linked to and, via making comments on their blogs, asking them to update their links. Unfortunately, most have not. In some cases, this might be due to dead blogs. In most cases, blog authors simply don’t check all their comments – probably worn out by comment spam.

And, of course, I’ve put a fairly intelligent 301 Redirect on the domain, so that people coming in for an article on an old link will, in most cases, get seamlessly redirected to the right location.

What else is there to do?

Other than the things I have done, I guess all that I can do is post great articles that people want to link to. And, of course, intellingently comment on other people’s related blogs in a continuing effort to get the word out.

Anything else? Let me know!

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