checking out the competition: Splashcast

Yup, I’m working on a web start-up. Yup, it involves aggregation and filtering. And nope, I’m nowhere near ready to start talking about it.

But I saw this today with great interest:

One of the solutions to this media overload is collaborative filtering. I want people who are smarter and hipper than me, and who share my tastes, to filter out the junk and deliver me just the good stuff. pioneered this and took it mainstream. YouTube still has a bit of room to improve their social filtering capabilities.

The other part of the solution is media syndication. Once the good stuff has been identified by people smarter and hipper than me, I want it aggregated, packaged up and delivered to me; I don’t want to have to go out of my way to find and collect it.

With SplashCast, we are attempting to marry collaborative filtering with media syndication, and make it easy, easy, easy for everyone.

How cool is that?

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(Some long-term readers of bizhack may remember this post on dreaming. It’s relevant to this pre-pre-pre-release annoucement of my new venture.)

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