Building growth loops in digital commerce: how to go in circles (the right way)

Viral growth is a wonderful thing, unfortunately in inverse proportion to its scarcity. But scalable growth loops helping you scale digital commerce are not pipe dreams, and while they benefit from virality, they are not dependent on them.

They do depend on scientific marketing. More than anything else, today is the age of the marketing scientist — in digital commerce and in mobile growth.

“As a scientist, the only thing I believe in is experimentation.”

Alok Gupta, former head of marketing science at Lyft

Marketing scientists use tools. They use data. But they are not defined by their tools or their data.

Instead, they are defined by their mindset. Marketing scientists operate as scientists. They:

  • Form hypotheses
  • Run experiments
  • Measure results
  • Optimize based on their source of truth: accurate ROI for every marketing activity

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