We don’t need contracts to converse

Progress is forward movement, right? Not backwards? OK, I was thinking I had that wrong for a moment.

Yesterday – the 5th anniversary of 9/11 – I visited Think Progress to see their side of the Path to 9/11 story.

As I was about to post a comment, I noticed that doing so would obligate me – in their eyes – to agree to their terms and conditions:

I stopped dead in my tracks. This is a blog. Putting terms and conditions on it is wrong. We don’t need contracts to converse.

Blogs are conversations. They happen to be separated in time and space, but they’re conversations. Do you force people you’re chatting with in a cafe to agree to a multi-page list of terms and conditions? No!

Here are their terms and conditions. I’ve put them in a textarea block so they don’t take up 5 pages:


Want weekly updates? Of course you do …



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