BlackBerry: Mac users not wanted

Does BlackBerry hate Mac users this much?

I can understand not loving Apple, who dethroned RIM as the smartphone leader. And I can understand not promoting BlackBerries to Mac users, who are much more likely to use iPhone.

But actively discouraging Mac users from even exploring App World? It’s passive aggressive nonsense that does nothing to evangelize their platform or their product. And … did RIM not notice that Microsoft now has their own phone platform out? Will App World block Windows next?

Who are you going to sell to then, RIM?


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  • What kind of “world” is it that doesn’t include Macs?
    But that really is a very nicely done background gradient. Full props for that.

    I was curious about the disconnect between ‘using an unsupported Operating System’ and you can can continue ‘with your current browser’. So I tried viewing their app store on Windows with Safari. It didn’t complain. This raises the question, what OS specific ‘features may not be functional’, Safari & Firefox do not provide OS level access to code running in a browser, Flash and Java may with the user’s permission. So truly, the OS is not the issue. What is the issue? Some web developer messed up their browser detection?