Guesting on ‘The Big Story’ podcast with the AdExchanger team

Really, really, really enjoyed spending an hour on “The Big Story” podcast with the AdExchanger editorial team: Allison O’Schiffey, Sarah Sluis, and James Hercher.

Our focus on this episode:

  • mobile adtech consolidation
  • acquisitions
  • privacy
  • Apple Search Ads
  • and a bit more …

From Sarah’s post on AdExchanger announcing the episode:

Mobile advertising companies are being snapped up at eye-popping valuations. But wait … isn’t Apple torpedoing the ability to target and measure app advertising with its AppTrackingTransparency framework, SKAdNetwork and other privacy-focused policies?

We untangle that contradiction on this week’s episode of The Big Story, where the editorial team is joined by special guest John Koetsier, a multi-hyphenate who hosts the podcast and video series TechFirst, writes for Forbes and does his fair share of angel investing.

One theme of mobile consolidation seems to be the “buffet” approach, whereby companies bring together gaming studios, ad tech, measurement and other mobile players into one entity. AppLovin is the poster child for this trend with its $1 billion purchase of MoPub from Twitter at the beginning of October – just one of the many times it’s opened its wallet in recent years.

Check out her full story on the episode and listen to the podcast right here …