30 mobile marketing influencers that actually matter

I really, really, really hate 99% of influencer lists.

For most people who are not deep in a specific industry, influencers lists look cool. The selected people seem to make sense, and it’s great to have a condensed view of thought leaders to follow and connect with.

But if you’re deep in an industry, you generally know better.

The reason is simple: most influencer lists are built with automated tools that look at who has big Twitter followings or who knows how to hashtag or who can do SEO. I tried that route with my recent list of mobile marketing influencers and completely failed. Every single tool came up with names and websites that literally made zero sense.

Because I know who matters in mobile advertising and marketing. I consume their content, connect with them, interview them, and learn from them.

So I built my own list.

And then I had some fun with it, giving everyone a tagline (Lomit “eats challenges for lunch,” Jon Hook is “smart money,” and so on) an intro, and a superpower.

I’ve listed them in four categories:

  • Creators
  • Connectors
  • Thinkers
  • Kingpins

Check out my full list of 30 mobile marketing influencers here …