Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo all grow phone sales more than 40%

global smartphone market growth

2021 has been a great year for large smartphone brands. Almost without exception, they grew massively in the first quarter of the year.

From my recent post at Forbes …

Samsung had a great first quarter of 2021, with sales up 28% to 22% of the global smartphone market and hitting 76.5 million units shipped.

But Apple grew 41%, Vivo grew 48%, and Oppo grew 60%.

Even more impressive: Xiaomi grew an astonishing 62%.

β€œIn addition to great product value, Xiaomi is now also making strides to recruit local talent, become more channel-friendly and lead in high-end innovation,” Canalys research manager Ben Stanton said in a statement. “But the race is not over. Oppo and Vivo are hot on its heels, and are positioning in the mid-range in many regions to box Xiaomi in at the low end … Xiaomi is leading the pack, but the race has only just started.”

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