Why Harvard wrote a case study on Braintrust

In my latest for my client Braintrust, I interview Harvard Business School prof Christopher Stanton about new ways of working, contracting, freelancing … and hiring and recruiting. There’s huge changes happening here but less innovation than you might suspect.

As Stanton says, we’ve seen incredible innovation in ordering a taxi or getting in-home food delivery.

Much less in new ways of finding and organizing talent to achieve a mission. Or, in other words, of creating and staffing the modern corporation.

From my post on Braintrust’s blog:

Seven years ago I hired a technical growth marketer in San Francisco. It was 2014, tech was hotter than heat, and Talent was expensive. The salary was $140,000/year, the marketer was 24 years old, and the headhunter took a massive $50,000 bounty, refundable if the hire lasted less than four months.

Seven months later he left to start his own company.

$50,000 down the drain, a key employee gone, and a new hiring process to be kicked off. That was the moment I realized that existing staffing models were broken.

But I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Or, what would work better.

Check out the full post on Braintrust’s blog … and watch the interview: