Apple tablet – a huge iPhone?

Is this a marriage of convenience between an Apple iMac and a new Tablet, possibly (please!) to be announced at MacWorld in the next couple of weeks?

mac tablet and imac

What a brilliant idea … portable tablet on the road, around the house, in the boardroom … and full-size keyboard, mouse, and line-of-sight positioning on the desk. The rough sketch is from an Apple patent application.

Sign me up for one!

Credits: I saw it at Nick Carr’s Rough Type, MacRumors, and MacNN.

However, they seem to be fitting it into the subportable notebook space. I personally wonder if it isn’t a tablet … a huge iPhone. The possibilities are intriguing … hook it in to charge up, take it out to lounge on the sofa catching up on blogs or watching your favorite TV online.

In the workplace, take it out to the meeting, take it out to the conference. Use the on-screen keyboard, use multi-touch, maybe even use speech. Back in the office, hook it in to charge, use your keyboard and mouse, and generally use it as a desktop computer.

A guy can always dream, right?


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  • I think these are different devices.

    a slim ultra portable laptop

    a bigger form factor for the iTouch that is a multi-touch tablet, built-in wireless, 3g – great for hospital workers and sales person.