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My brother-in-law Jeroen Vermeulen is an amazing artist … one of his 8′ x 5′ paintings hangs in my dining room. Here’s a site that I recently put up for him:


More content to come, as per usual. We’ve only got his recent paintings up … nothing before January of this year. That’ll come with time, however. It was important to get this up as soon as possible as Jeroen just had a show in the Netherlands, and some of his paintings are going up for public display and sale here in Vancouver next week.


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PS: Jeroen is pronounced yer-roon. It’s a Dutch name (as is mine, sort of) and Jeroen is originally from the Netherlands.

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  • colors used in art usually show how one’s brains operates in general, understanding the functionalities of the brain is an impossible task even with with today’s modern technology yet you can read one’s full brain functionalities simply by looking at their art of course art can be in many different methods however in most cases paintings are the closes you can get to true expression of the human brain