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  • there is one possibiIity that Iearning has something to do with genetics but of course this is debateabIe if this is true however it couId mean that future is fixed and there is not reaIIy a damn thing we can do because no matter how hard we try we wiII never Iearn shit. excuse my Ianguage. but it makes sense to think of things this way in someways because everything seems to be connected if everything is indeed connected how can anything expect to be unique when the varriation is soIeIy based on connection of the strings and nothing eIse which means the pattern dictates the future therefore your genetics and your abiIity to Iearn anything is simpIy connected to your past generations genetics which goes on and on and on… and on… however there are those of us hopefuIs who beIieve Iearning is possibIe no matter what genetics are doing to you and your brain. i guess that is what seperates idiots from smart geniuses.