Americans are terrified about AI: 80% say AI will help criminals

Most of us don’t understand AI. And most of us are scared about things we don’t understand. But in the case of AI, there might be good reason … because even the people who do understand it are pretty worried.

From my recent post at Forbes:

  • 92% want a national privacy law

  • 66% of Americans believe privacy threats have gotten worse in the last year

  • 64.4% say their data was used in a scam

  • 80% are concerned that their personal data is being used to train AI models

  • 48% say AI will negatively impact them personally

  • 72% are worried about their personal data being used by a future power AI system

  • 77% are afraid AI tools will deepfake their voices or faces to commit fraud

  • 80% say AI has increased the likelihood that their personal data will be used in malicious ways by criminals or hacker collectives

  • 70% are worried that AI will be used by other nations in information warfare campaigns

  • 57% fear that AI will replace humans

  • 51% don’t trust companies to keep their data safe

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