4 things all marketers need to kill martech spaghetti

In 2014, Scott Brinker’s iconic martech landscape really got big, with 1,900 companies in 43 categories. Marketers who understood what was happening really freaked out.

The next one will have 5,000 logos. Don’t panic.

There is a way to escape martech hell. To de-clutter your marketing technology life. And to simplify and rationalize your marketing technology stack. At TUNE, we call it MobileBest, and there are just four components — four things you need to escape martech spaghetti.

(Martech spaghetti, by the way, is complexity in your tech stack. You don’t know where one thing ends and another begins. You don’t know how components are connected. Many pieces are adjacent to others, but they’re not integrated. And you never really know how pulling on one strand is going to affect all the others.)

Two of them are mindsets, and two of them are technologies.

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