ZDnet blogs: asking for your life history on the first date

I occasionally run across an interesting post on ZDNet blogs, and today I wanted to post a comment to one … until I saw the registration form.

Most blogs want just 3 pieces of information from you in order to post:

  1. your name
  2. your email address
  3. your website address, if you have one

That’s it. Finished. Now you can post your comment.

That’s fairly simple, and adds very little friction to contributing to a conversation on someone else’s blog.

However, on ZDNet blogs, there are 22 separate fields or pieces of information they ask you to fill out! Unsurprisingly, most of their blogs generate only a few comments.

I understand ZDNet wants to enhance their relationship with readers (and possibly generate more revenue per visitor) but this is insane. In case anyone’s listening at ZDNet, here’s a good way to enhance my relationship with you:

Make it easy for me to begin a relationship.

Here’s ZDNet’s sign-up form:

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