You do it really long on Sundays

At a church that we recently attended, there was a VBS (vacation Bible school) that our kids attended. Teresa was the one who took them, and mentioned this to me:

You know how the pastor loves to talk a lot when opening VBS mornings . . . well at the end of today’s program he told the kids he was sad it was over and would miss telling them stories and reading the Bible and praying.

And then Erin H. piped up “Don’t worry . . . you do it really long on Sundays!”

A bunch of us cracked up laughing but I don’t think he got it. 😮


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  • The former Pastor of the little church I belonged to at the time told us this one:

    A little girl came up to him after the service and asked him, “Pastor, do you ever get sleepy during your sermons?”

    And my favorite: “Church was ‘comfortably full’ this morning. That means everyone had room to lie down!”